Memory Booster In An Instant

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Here is a fast fact that is a natural instant memory booster that is so easy and yet so powerful in two easy steps.

If you Pay Attention you are less likely to forget.  IT IS TRUE.

Step 1, decide if it is important?  Step 2, Pay Attention to it.

This one fact can improve your memory in an absolute instant.

Simply, we do not remember because we did not pay attention.  Here is an example.

I am short-sighted, and the one thing I often do when I want to read is take my glasses off, and just place them down and then later have to retrace my steps to find them.  The other day, I was tidying in the garage and had an awful mess.  Conscious that I was going to lose my glasses, I placed them in a particular spot on a table, and focused my attention on them for about five seconds.  Voila, later I found them straight away.

By paying attention, I repeatedly find my glasses.  When I don't I spend time retracing my steps.

This one simple fact underlies all memory improvement techniques.  Of course there are supporting activities such as exercise and good diet and all that, but if you want to improve your memory in an instant, this is IT!

With so much information coming into our lives and into our brains from all our senses, all the time, through smartphones, computers, shops, TV that our body is well adapted to actually forget much so we are not overwhelmed.  In reported cases of some people with perfect memories called hyperthymesia, their lives are very complicated and difficult.    SEE
Confusing and complex lives if you cannot forget what is unimportant.

So decision time.

Give attention to the important things that must not be forgotten.  It takes but an instant.

Why do we not pay attention? It is because we go into auto-pilot or we are thinking other thoughts when those keys are put down. 

Such thoughts as: what is this new letter? What is in my email, whats in the fridge, whats for dinner?  In a meeting it can be:  am I sitting straight, did they like that comment?  Is my hair in place?  Suddenly I have lost the thread of the discussion.

How often do we lose items when we are on auto-pilot.  Walking in and placing the keys down, or your glasses, or phone.  You probably have an item you are often looking for in your house or office.  There are many examples:

  • Lost objects all over the place
  • Faces and names of people I met today

Paying Attention takes only an instant longer and you encode better in your memory.

So what is meant by Paying Attention?

It is stopping and noting, before moving on. 

Now that sounds really easy doesn't it, but it requires a little bit of effort. Here are some examples of how easy it is to "lose things".  I can relate to these.

Mai walks into her apartment and places her keys down and walks straight to the kitchen.  After dinner she has to go out but "where are those keys"?

David is short-sighted and at the library takes off his glasses to read the book titles easier and places them on a shelf as he glances at the titles for the book he needs.  Twenty minutes later he has borrowed the books and is outside but "where are those glasses"?

Boost Your Memory in an Instant

So your instant Memory Booster is to simply to

  1. Identify this situation as important and 

How long should you pay attention?

Two seconds often does the trick, five seconds is good, and seven seconds works wonders.

What about under one second?  Read about my tests here.

Your next Memory Booster is SLEEP.  So why is sleep important?

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